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China Telecom: 3G for 15RMB Per Month

Perhaps in response to the rising importance of smartphone markets in China, Beijing Telecom – a Beijing branch of China Telecom – is rumored today to have a 15RMB ($2.50) monthly 3G card in the pipeline. This is in response to China Unicom’s May 17th release of a similar 20RMB ($3.00) card, which allegedly sold out 100,000 cards on three consecutive occasions.

The cards will initially be sold in Beijing exclusively. At the moment, the payment structure is low, with calls and 3G services coming in at only 0.1RMB/min.

Though this will be great news for many in the capital, it is not clear if this offer will be extended to other areas of the country at the moment.  With revenue in the industry skyrocketing and 30.6 million users joining 3G in the first quarter this year, it should be a tough competition.

Source: Sina Tech

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