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Ningbo Joins the 4G Club

Beginning first with its flagship opening of 4G services in Hong Kong earlier this year, then moving to trial tests in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, China’s largest carrier, China Mobile, has steadily been making its way into the 4G realm.

Today it’s been announced that service will be extended to Ningbo, Zhejiang. As of this morning, visitors of Ningbo’s International Convention and Exhibition Center are able to access 4G services in the building and its immediate vicinity. Considering the abysmal speed of conventional internet services in China, 4G users will be able to benefit from some of the smoothest connections available in China. Eventually this will be spread to other areas of the city, but for now it is confined to one test zone.

It is said that China Mobile intends to make Ningbo its second pilot city for 4G, and they expect to build 500 base stations and make 4G available citywide by the end of the year. Eventually, the company hopes to deploy its services in 9 cities utilizing over 20,000 stations. By 2013, they will construct approximately 200,000 stations.

Source: Sina Tech


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