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HK Startup Weekend Coverage: Parts 3 & 4

Lap Ming Lee is the founder of TechShip2038, a blog based in Hong Kong about the startup scene in Asia. 

This is the final part of the HK Startup Weekend series.  If you missed the first part, be sure to check it out here.


Concept: Live translation during events

Team: 4 ppl; 1 technical

Motherspeak aims to enter the translation space for events.  Instead of having a live translator with headphones at each event, they aim to provide a platform for live translation text to audiences through their mobile phones.  They are essentially doing one thing: replacing headphones with a mobile app.  Their business strategy is to partner with translation agencies and provide them with a platform to type.  They have already contacted CityU for the initial idea.

Butter Go

Concept: C2C location-based transactions

Team: 6 ppl; 3 technical

Butter Go is very similar to Blimmp in that they are also doing Ebay transactions.  They are must more focused by servicing transactions only.  Once they match a buyer and seller, they simply provide a way for them to contact each other.  Butter Go does not deal with any transactions between parties.  Users simply need to list their price and provide a photo and a description to list on their mobile app.


Concept: Creating a landing page for pre-launch startups to validate their ideas

Team: 10 ppl; 5 technical

Think of Google Analytics and Launchrock (for creating landing pages) combined.  When a user signs up on the landing page, they can select checkboxes that indicate whether they are willing to pay for the product.  Hatchyolk lets them analyze early adopters that sign up on the landing page.  Their aim is to help entrepreneurs verify their startup idea before it is launched in the market.

No Name (literally)

Concept: Discussion management software

Team: 5 ppl

This team doesn’t have a name, but it aims to create a website where you can group together on relevant discussions and allows people to manage them.  You will be able to upload documents and chat with others that join the discussion.  They plan to build a web application that will also be available on mobile in the future.

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