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Lenovo Now China’s Second Largest Tablet Vendor


According to a report today from IDG News, Lenovo is now the second largest tablet vendor in China. Lenovo now represents approximately 17.2 percent of marker share, already leading Samsung (3.8%) by a significant margin, though both trailing Apple by a long-shot.

Lenovo is China’s largest PC maker and one of two technology brands – the other being Huawei – that are known internationally.  This month, they also began plans to expand their operations to Wuhan with $793 million of investment.

The company intends to make its mobile and tablet operations more influential. One of their main strengths in the market is in China’s  “trust” of the brand, according to IDC analyst Dickie Chang.

In light of this, they are pursuing a cheap pricing strategy, with tablet prices as low as 1,000 RMB ($158).

It should prove to be a useful move. Once China’s PC consumers begin to consider tablets, Lenovo will be well-positioned in the transition. This year they plan to grab 20% of tablet marketshare, according to their CEO Yang Yuanqing.

We will just have to see how these plans develop.

Souce: IDG News (statistics from recent research conducted by IDC)

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