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HK Startup Weekend Coverage: Part 2

Lap Ming Lee is the founder of TechShip2038, a blog based in Hong Kong about the startup scene in Asia. 

This is the 2nd part of the HK startup weekend series, and it’s all about physical space in the real world.  If you missed the first part, be sure to check it out here.


Concept: Airbnb platform for desk space

Team: 6ppl; 2 technical (web developers; ruby on rails)

Hotdock wants to transform the desk space just like Airbnb did for spare rooms and apartments.  End-users are often freelancers looking for space for a couple of hours and even weeks.  By searching by location or facility, users can locate devices and printers.  Hotdock not only targets home office desk space and office buildings, but surprisingly Starbucks as well.  (I am not quite sure about the logic there, but if it’s a good place to work, people should rent desks there right?)

Their business model is quite simple.  Just like Google search results, suppliers of space will be able to pay to increase their rankings based on location.  Hotdock will also charge around 5-8% from the end-user for renting out space.

1 Minute Booking

Concept: 1 minute booking for venues (Click here)

Team: 10ppl; 3 technical

The name says it all – 1 minute booking.  They want to streamline the online booking process to less than 60 seconds for both the end user and the venue supplier.  In 60 seconds they want to be able to handle scheduling and payments as well.  That’s quite a feat to achieve.

There are 2 steps to this: one is to search, and the other is to book.  They want to help venues generate leads, and they will charge them a subscription fee for doing so.

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