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Shenzhen Students Take Part in China Mobile 4G Trial

China Mobile officially launched its Hong Kong 4G service last month, while their highly anticipated Mainland service so far has not been given a concrete release schedule.

All this is about to change, as it appears that 4G service is finally making its way into the Mainland after some initial test runs.

This week, in addition to buses equipped with 4G service in Hangzhou, Sina Tech reports that students in Shenzhen are being given the opportunity to test drive the service, and they are pretty satisfied with the speeds!

According to reports from the students, they are able to download movies and video chat in HD without any interruptions, recording speeds on an average of 40-50Mbps and as high as 80Mbps. This is already about 20 times the speed of other broadband services in their area.

Unfortunately, they will only get to use the service for a trial period of 3 months. This is distressing for some students, as they have already become accustomed to the speed. The article concludes with some words from one particular student, Li Qianrong, who expresses with noticeable longing that “she hopes to continue using the service at least a little bit longer.”

Sources: Sina Tech

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