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HK Startup Weekend Coverage: Part 1


Lap Ming Lee is the founder of TechShip2038, a blog based in Hong Kong about the startup scene in Asia. 

For this week’s summary of Hong Kong’s Startup Weekend, I will be covering 9 teams formed over the weekend for the competition. I will split the posts into 4 parts — 2 for each day and 3 for the last one.  If any of you intend to create a startup, this will give you a new perspective into how others approach their ideas.

Dishing Up

Concept: Online food ordering from Cha Chang Tengs

Team: 9 people; 4 technical

Let’s start with the Startup Weekend winner!

“Dishing Up” is a platform that connects restaurants to diners.  Their target audience is the ’80s after’ generation that generally enjoys ordering take-out.  Specifically, they are targeting low class restaurants — including Cha Chang Tengs, a local Hong Kong chain — by providing an app and a website that allows diners to log in with their mobile number and choose the food they want from an online menu (using check-boxes).  Cha Chang Teng is then notified of the order, handling the bill and delivery.

Dishing Up is strictly a communication tool that orders food on the spot.  Bill payments or deliveries are dealt with separately by the restaurant.  The first month is free for Cha Chang Teng, and thereafter it is a $1500HKD monthly fee.

Something that I suggested to them yesterday is to target professionals, including lawyers and I-bankers that need to work late in Central (Downtown Hong Kong).  They often get take out late at night, so that could be a potentially untouched market.


Concept: Location-based discovery

Team: 6 people (Donnie, Kenny, Phillip, Rich, Kit Man, and Bart)

When it comes to Blimmp, think of Color — how it finds photos within 500 yards — but for Ebay transactions instead. With Blimmp, users are connected with other strangers in Hong Kong that are looking to sell stuff within a certain distance.  For example, if John Doe were to take a photo of his iPhone to sell from his home at Central, and I happened to be there, I would see that John is trying to sell his iPhone.  However, if I said that I was in Chai Wan, I would not be able to see (hence, location-based).

Based on where you are, you can filter the results by criteria.  Blimmp focuses on 4 location-based categories for listings: events-based, news, deals-based, and inquiries.  They also allow you to manually adjust the search range of the criteria you are looking for.  Blimmp is targeting Hong Kong first and plans to expand after beta testing the market.

Well, that’s it for today.  This concludes part 1.

Edited by Matt Johnson

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