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GMIC 2012 International Media Coverage Wrap Up


The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) concluded on May 11th after 3 days of exciting events.  This was the second year GMIC was hosted Chinese National Convention Center and welcomed over 5,100 attendees!  There was massive amount of information released to the public and over 400 domestic and international press were on hand to cover it.

GMIC 2012


Barrett Parkman Previews the 2012 Global Mobile Internet Conference – The Agenda

Mike McCue of Flipboard 

  • iPad created a revolution of Beautiful Internet Content – AppleInsider
  • Flipboard Downloads in China Expected to Surpass U.S. Soon – PC World,
  • Chinese Flipboard downloads to surpass those in US – BBC
  • iPad and Mobile Internet Revolutionized Publishing Industry – TechNode

Michael Song of Sky-mobi  

  • Sky-mobi Launches New Android Products  – Nasdaq
  • Sky-mobi Announces Unaudited Financial Results – MarketWatch

Yu Yongfu of UCWeb 

  • Can China Build A Better Browser – Forbes
  • Strategy, Finances, New Evernote Partnership – TechInAsia
  • UC aims to be leading mobile browser in India – China Daily
  • China’s UCWeb partners with Evernote – ComputerWorld
  • UCWeb To Expand To US – Wall Street Journal
  • UCWeb Partners with Evernote – CIO
  • UC Wants 100m Mobile User in India by 2015 – TheNextWeb
  • UCWeb, China’s leading mobile browser, speeds into emerging markets – TechRice

Pony Ma of Tencent 

  • Internet Business in China: Life, Death, or Tencent – Wall Street Journal
  • Tencent founder calls Android openness a ‘mixed blessing’ – AppleInsider
  • GMIC 2012: Lei Jun and Pony Ma Talk Mobile – TechInAsia

David Roberts of EA/PopCap 

  • Android Still Too Fragmented, China Helping Company Innovate  – ITWorld
  • PopCap Tailored Games with Tencent Partnership – TechNode

Ted Masumoto of SoftBank 

  • SoftBank’s Ted Matsumoto Talks 4G and the Future at GMIC – TechInAsia

Phil Libin of Evernote 

  • Evernote Launches in China With Separate Service, Yinxiang Biji – TechInAsia
  • Evernote Announcing China Effort with Localized Product – TechNode
  • Evernote’s Amazing Success Story with CEO Phil Libin  – TechNode
  • Evernote CEO: We’re OK with no profits in China – ZDNet

China Unicom 

G-Startup –  

  • DouDou Wins GMIC’s G-Startup Competition – TechInAsia
  • Phewtick Matchmakes People Through Gamification and LBS – TechInAsia
  • Start-up Ecosystems: The Challenges from Australia, Indonesia, India and China – TechNode
  • Update from the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012 – The Agenda
  • 6 Asian Startups That Caught Our Eye This Week – TechInAsia
  • 7 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Are Raising Money – TechInAsia
  • A Bubble in the Startup World? – TechInAsia

GMIC 2012  

  • Cmune Gets Investment from Skype Founder – VentureBeat
  • Asian Game Developer CMUNE Snags Record Funding from Skype Founder – TheNextWeb
  • A Discussion on Games and Building Global Brands –TechInAsia
  • ‘The Sexiest’ Chinese Magazine Goes Mobile – TechInAsia
  • Julu Mobile Aims to Transform the Mobile Ads Experience –TechInAsia
  • Phewtick Gives You Money, Just for Meeting New People – TechInAsia
  • Huawei consumer device sales to reach $9b – ChinaDaily
  • Angry Birds Maker Rovio Plans for Amusement Parks in China – PCWorld
  • Females In Entrepreneurship: Why No Love? – TechInAsia
  • HalfBrick, Maker of Fruit Ninja, and its Future Plans in China – TechInAsia
  • Internet: Boom Mobile da 700 Milioni di Utenti in Cina – AGI
  • GMIC Panel Discusses Mobile Health – TechInAsia

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