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Targeting Young Crowds, Xiaomi Releases “Youth Edition”

Xiaomi announces today that it will be releasing a new version of its smartphone targeting younger and more price-sensitive crowds. Its name, the 青春 (Qing Chun) or “youth edition” also invokes a feeling of springtime, indicating that they aim for this to be a seasonal deal.

Announced this morning on Xiaomi’s Weibo, the model will be limited to 150,000 units. This Friday, May 18th, the units will be available for preorder on their website here.

The new phone, clocked in with a Qualcomm dual-core at 1.2Ghz, will be sold for 1499RMB ($238), a 20% decrease in speed accompanying a 25% decrease in price.

It seems that this type of hype generation ploy may work for the team, as it has already been reposted 72,000 times by fans. We can certainly expect more of these types of deals from Xiaomi in the future, as they seem to thrive on such campaigns.


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