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Baidu and Changhong Set to Introduce Cloud-Based Smartphone

Baidu Changhong

In the past year, Baidu has tried to jump on the mobile bandwagon, beginning with its Streak Pro D43 model, produced in cooperation with Dell last December. Since then, it has been searching for other ways to compete, and it appears that the Beijing-based search giant is now gaining some momentum.

Making its latest forays into the smartphone market, Baidu announced today that it will be producing its own phone in cooperation with Changhong, one of China’s largest television producers. China Unicom will be the first carrier involved in the deal. Running on Baidu’s “Cloud” operating system, the obvious aim of the new phone is to compete with iOS and Android, bringing a potentially interesting new set of circumstances to China’s smartphone market.

The phone will be officially titled H5018, and it will come at a significantly lower price than its competitors, with claims as low as — or lower than — 1000RMB ($150). As the price tag is light, it will also have a light configuration. Clocking in at 650Mhz, with 130MB of RAM and a 3.5-inch screen, Baidu’s phone is obviously honing in on some of the untapped budget-crowd. Nevertheless, its cloud storage service will be quite competitive, with rumors indicating as much as 100GB of built-in space.

In addition to announcing its agreement with Changhong, Baidu says that Foxconn will be in charge of the manufacturing process for the phones. There will be several different shell colors to choose from, indicating that Baidu hopes to accessorize and hype the product in a new way this time.

Source: Sina Tech

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