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GMIC2012: Exhibitor Profile: App Annie

App Annie

“Analytics are fun and easy,” no one said, ever. There are plenty of analytics products for the web, but what about market data for app stores?

Enter App Annie. This Beijing-based startup based its business model around making analytics easy and accessible for understanding the market data behind app stores. Its name is already known internationally for filling a need that no one else has—providing app store data in a fun, accessible way. The group, which has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Paris, was exhibiting during the GMIC 2012.

“During testing, people tell us, ‘Your UA is so much better than anyone else’s,’” said VP of Marketing, Oliver Lo. “People want something they can check and understand in five minutes.”

From small publishers, to big names like Disney, Adobe, and Ogilvy, 80% of app publishers use App Annie. Over 100,000 apps and 13,000 publishers utilize their analytics products, which offers both free and premium services.

App Annie is proud of its success, and looking to grow that quickly: the 20-employee group is looking to hire 40 more people within the next six months.

Know a friend that may be interested? The company says you could get 2,000 RMB if they’re hired. They’re looking from everything from big data and python engineers to data and web analysts, recruiters, and marketers.

Talent is a big reason why App Annie is based in Beijing.

“The engineering talent in Beijing is second to San Francisco,” said Lo. “But, it’s also hard to scale up fast in San Francisco.”

He mentions that Beijing has a great environment for startup investment. Plus, “Investors’ money goes three times as far here.”

Currently, App Annie is supported on iOS, the App Store, and Android. However, in the future, they’re looking to expand on all globally successful mobile platforms. From an analytics perspective, they’re also expanding the available dashboards that feature user data.

Interested in using App Annie, or a new job? (Or just the 2,000 RMB?) For more information, visit

Ginny Tonkin

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