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Winner of G-Startup Competition (Early-Seed Stage): DouDou Mobile

We’re pleased to receive news that DouDou Mobile has won the G-Startup Early-Seed Stage competition yesterday. In fact, we briefly covered on DouDou yesterday as part of the G-Startup competition series, the article can be found here.

To give a quick recap, DouDou Mobile is an app that transforms the way parents and teachers connect and exchange information related to their children. Via the app, DouDou creates an environment that enables related parties to share a variety of information such as photos, calendars and messages, all done with building a private network around their children.

Their presentation here at GMIC made me think of DouDou’s scalability in China. Looking at the demographics of China, with the One-Child policy in force for decades, social problems also surface inevitably. Beyond this policy, I think this app attacks the core problems of modern society, where parents have no time to look after their children full time when it is imperative for them to work. Parents are now able to receive constant updates from teachers, to bridge that communication gap when kids do not have the chance to talk to their parents as often. On top of that, it has built in the social media factor; all parties can interact by messaging, or commenting on the photos posted.

One feature that I particularly like is the integration of the school calendar into the app. Instead of sending letters or emails to parents constantly (which I have in fact experienced when I was in elementary school), parents can now be reminded of, and even check important school events of the academic year anywhere, via their smartphones. Not only does this cut down on miscommunication (which happens really, really often), this definitely results in better planning and collation of information for both parents and the school.

Having said that, one slight worry I foresee is the lack of sufficient smartphone users in China to form that minimum threshold number of base users that DouDou needs to work properly. Also, another issue may be the ability of DouDou to convince schools to start using their product on a widespread scale, before it makes sense for parents to use it. Another may even be the problem of similar apps from popping into the market and being on guard for potential copycats, especially so in the tech scene here. This is when DouDou has to have that sexy factor for customer retention.

Congratulations to DouDou Mobile again, all the best!

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