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Web Apps, HTML 5 As a Driver for Net Growth

Web apps, paired with cloud computing and powered by next-generation HTML 5 technology, are the future of the mobile Internet industry, Wang Jing, VP of Baidu Mobile said in his GMIC keynote address on Friday.

Wang said that web apps, which aren’t limited to a particular mobile platform like traditional native apps, and can be written in sophisticated coding, limit production costs and will help mobile providers minimize service costs and optimize performance.

As cloud computing platforms proliferate and become more efficient, Wang said that computing power will matter less and less. Instead of high-powered processers, next-generation mobile devices will be able to outsource energy-intensive computing to cloud services, limiting the importance of hard platforms, he said.

Web browsers and mobile platforms are rushing to support HTML 5, the coding language that will drive this growth, Wang said. In March, Baidu launched its HTML 5 development platform, and its web browser is ranked fourth in compatibility with HTML 5.

“It’s just the beginning of a new age,” Wang said, adding that a 4G data network will be unveiled in China sometime in the near future, which will aid in this development.

Nick Compton

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