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Takeshi Natsuno, I-mode Inventor: 3 Impacts of Mobile Internet on Evolution of Mankind


As soon as he came up on stage, I-mode inventor Takeshi Natsuno informed us that he wanted to give our minds a rest and allow us to process everything we had been hearing since the early morning. Exuding calmness, he set out to give us a quick and concise journey down the road of mobile Internet since its creation.

Mr. Natsuno’s presentation centered on the 3 Impacts of Mobile Internet on the Evolution of Mankind:

1- Revolution of Business: During this time, almost all the industries adopted the Internet into their business model. Many new companies emerged on the Internet.

2- Revolution of Search: Here, almost all the information had already been uploaded onto the Internet and became “searchable” for everybody. The power of collecting information by individuals had been enhanced dramatically, almost like an “external brain.” Mr. Natsuno characterized this period as “new human armed with the net.”

3- Revolution of Social: At this time, the power of word-of-mouth was maximized. The power of distributing information by individuals was enhanced dramatically. He referred to this age as “Wisdom of Crowds rule the world.”

In retrospect, we can see that human kind has evolved significantly in the last 10-15 years by the Internet and mobile technologies. This is true for the entire world. Now we have to re-think our business models.

With these questions, Mr. Natsuno left our minds pondering:

Are you a leader or a follower on this move?

What happens in the next decade?

Although Mr. Natsuno himself does not have the answer to the latter question, one thing he does know is that we have to lead.

Edgard Duque


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