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Ruslan Kogan – CEO of Talks Smart TV and the Future of Technology

If there is anything we have learned at this year’s conference, it is that technology is changing the way people interact with each other on a very fundamental level. Though the focus of GMIC is primarily mobile Internet, Ruslan Kogan of, a celebrated Australian online manufacturer and retailer of electronics, had a few observations to make yesterday about the impact of another up and coming industry: smart television.

Beginning his analysis by referencing how past technologies were able to “shatter” barriers in different phases of history, Mr. Kogan spoke specifically about the impact of television and the Internet, and he claimed that it took many years for such industries to reach maturity and for consumers to adapt to them. For instance, it took an entire decade for television to become mainstream, he explained.

This, he contends, will be seen in the mobile Internet industry, but more importantly for his business, it will be seen in the way that people interact with television.

“We’re innovating very very fast in the world of business and the world of the Internet,” explained Mr. Kogan. Referring to the evolution of television as a baby industry, he said, “We are at the tip of the iceberg on this.”

Conceding that he was not entirely sure what course the industry would take in the next 15 years, Kogan had an imaginative sense of the possibilities. He said, for instance, that there would be a reduction of barriers to entry in the industry, especially as internet TV becomes localized and personal. Consumers will be able to “set up a TV station within a few hours” and produce their own content for others.

The advertisement industry will also experience an overhaul, as smart TVs and Internet make content more relevant for end users. By targeting customers who, for example, have visited Italy before, Mr. Kogan said that advertisement agencies will be able to forward ads that are specifically catered to those who are more likely to respond positively. He said that this will also make TVs cheaper, as providers will be able to make more revenue on content rather than hardware.

In conclusion, Mr. Kogan proclaimed that, “The consumer is the ultimate winner.” It should be an exciting future for television and technology these next few years, and we’re looking forward to hearing more news on the subject.

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