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Keynote: Shawn DuBravoc – Digital Generation 2.0 All About Information

In his keynote address to the GMIC 2012 on Friday, Shawn DuBravoc, the Consumer Electronics Association’s chief economist, said that we have entered a second-generation, digital threshold.

The last decade, he said, was the first digital decade, when the use of digital devices and the internet exploded. Now, he said, tech companies are leveraging broadband, portability, and cloud-based data services to take digital devices to the next level.

Consumers will spend $1 trillion on tech devices in 2012, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. By 2015, the association expects smartphone sales to reach one billion units, and the e-reader market to grow to 50 million devices sold.

The future of smart media is married with sensorization, DuBravoc said. Handheld devices will have multiple microphones, cameras, proximity sensors and pressure gauges, capable of recording and beaming to a cloud service advanced data.

This data, he said, is ultimately trillions of bits of information that will drive the industry in the years to come.

“The second digital era is defined by information,” DuBravoc said. Adding that he believes next-generation devices will evolve into simpler, more natural platforms with sensor-based controls and streamlined services.

Nick Compton

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