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David Yang, SVP of NBA, Speaks on Mobile Strategy in China

Brands are incredibly important, and David Yang, SVP of NBA, gave a brief talk this afternoon on the way that NBA develops its image in China.

In describing NBA’s philosophy, Mr. Yang, with an obvious reference, said it, “Takes 5 people to play the game.” Teamwork, in other words, was for him the most important element of their success, and Mr Yang said that NBA puts its “partners at the forefront.”

He then gave a short explanation of NBA’s all-encompassing “360 Platform.” Essentially, it is a marketing platform that allows fans to enjoy every second of the game. The mobile version of this platform, “NBA Game Time,” allows users to access the latest information about their favorite players, even off-season.

Towards the end, Mr. Yang gave his thanks to Cisco for helping to provide these services for NBA in China.

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