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Vancl CEO, Chen Nian on the Release of Mobile Vancl

Vancl CEO Chen Nian gave his remarks about the release of the new Mobile Vancl app, which he said generated 30,000 orders yesterday alone. Evidently, the new ad slogan about spring, which centers on being positive, is fulfilling its purpose.

He affirmed that although Mobile Vancl represents just a small branch of the company, it has large momentum and its share is much higher than that of other platforms. Mr. Nian’s findings are that the positioning of Vancl for fashion is very consistent with the tastes of its target users. These tend to be fashion-oriented, mobile users and generally younger PC users. Thus, Mobile Vancl could not have come at a better moment than now.

Mr. Nian also identified how Vancl is approaching a maturing stage. He believes it is essential for Vancl to continue to introduce more apps into Mobile Vancl and to “study how to dive into these apps and better interact” with customers. He eluded to Mobile Vancl’s success with its partnerships and with other companies. For the launch, Vancl partnered with Youku, which is now enjoying a growing reputation.

In this age of Internet, Mr. Nian said that we need to possess “an open mindset and cooperative spirit.” His company seems to be open to all opportunities to integrate apps into its new platform. Currently, there are over 50 app developers working with Mobile Vancl, some of which have already received profit share. Vancl is also reaching out to mobile Internet platforms. In the future, Vancl aims to be more committed to the Internet.

As a domestic brand, Vancl also aspires to promote domestic demand. It hopes to have as many competitors as possible to help boost the manufacturing industry in China, said Mr. Nian.

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