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The Social Impact of Mobile Internet at #theGMIC

Today at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing, David Song President of GMIC and Co-founder of GWC, moderated a discussion on the social impact of mobile Internet.

Deng Fei, founder of the Free Lunch program, outlined how he successfully used Weibo to ensure that Chinese school children would be free from hunger.  By using Weibo, Fei was able to mobilize more than 1 million people and donate more than 30 million RMB together to provide free lunches for Chinese school children.

Although Fei didn’t have significant resources as a journalist, he was still able to use Weibo to show donors that their hard earned money was going towards providing lunch to hungry children.  Administrators at schools participating in the program were required to write daily reports by publishing photos on Weibo to prove that meals were reaching the children.

Fei believes that future technologies will increase the transparency of the campaign and he plans to continue working on the Free Lunch program.  He will also work with the Chinese government to ensure the successful allocation of a 16 billion RMB annual fund for children’s lunches.

Fei has successfully demonstrated how ordinary people can join hands through mobile Internet technology and how small contributions from many can benefit the few.

Kevin Chan

(Kevin is a MBA exchange student in Beijing and guest writer for

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