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Shao Guanglu, Senior Vice President of China Unicom, Delivers Keynote at #theGMIC

Shao Guanglu, Senior Vice President of China Unicom offered his perspective on the future of the mobile internet industry in China.  Mr. Guanglu suggested that traditional voice services will be replaced by mobile internet services in the near future.  According to Mr. Guanglu, there is a clear explosion of data traffic across the mobile industry; however, he highlighted a mismatch between the increase in data traffic and revenue growth that companies experience.  Mr. Guanglu drew comparisons with a major carrier in the United States, where data traffic grew by 30% but revenue only grew by 2%.

Mr. Guanglu highlighted the need for infrastructure development and optimization in order to provide superior service to customers.  Recently, a surge in data usage resulted in a service disruption in Tokyo, Japan where 2.5 million Docomo mobile users experienced a 5 hour telecom blockage and were not able to make calls.   According to Mr. Guanglu, foreign carriers are pursuing solutions such as software optimization and investment in mobile internet companies in order to minimize damage to telecom infrastructure.   In closing, Mr. Guanglu pointed to the need for continuing business models and technology cooperation in order to provide better service to mobile users in the future.

Kevin Chan

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