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GMIC2012: Narry Singh, CBO of Outfit7, Talks About Company’s Philosophy and Growth

One of today’s most interesting talks focused on Narry Singh, CBO of Outfit7, who had a number of innovative thoughts to share on the nature of his company’s game philosophy and how they hope to be “more than a mobile experience.” The interview was conducted by Calvin Smith, GWC’s Managing Editor of MobiSights.

Originally introduced as a series of applications involving playful, quirky 3D characters, Outfit7’s “Talking Friends” have since become one of the world’s most sought-after apps, earning their status as a darling of the mobile gaming space. After launching only 20 months ago, Mr. Singh described the company’s growth as “phenomenal,” reaching 400 million downloads.

Now they are moving on to bigger and better things as their Talking Tom and Talking Ben characters are set to become exclusive brand ambassadors for Pepsi China and promotional online characters for Disney animations, a move that Mr. Singh was able to describe rather succinctly.

When asked whether Outfit7 makes games or toys, Mr. Singh explained that “We are just a platform that allows our users to explore their creativity.” He also stated that Outfit7 wants to become a “consumer brand,” rather than a mobile or technology brand.

What is perhaps most remarkable about their growth, however, is the fact that they have spent close to nothing on marketing. Apparently their marketing fees have not surpassed eight-thousand dollars. Most of their growth has come from organic, user-generated videos on YouTube.

Has the company made mistakes? Well yes, Mr. Singh concedes that they designed a product in the past that was literally a “Talking Bacteria.” Almost all of it was based on real consumer feedback. Needless to say, he said it was one of the worst performing products, they then realized that you can “use good data and analytics very badly.”

When asked about the future, Mr. Singh hinted that next week his company will be introducing a new Talking Tom messenger service that will involve customizable Talking Friends messages.

According to Mr. Singh, the appeal of Talking Friends will remain for years to come, as he explains that “You are the app, we’re not the app.” And after all, he said, “you can’t get bored of yourself. “

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