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GMIC 2012: Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, Hints at Office Expansion to China

Flipboard is making headway in China, and CEO Mike McCue had a few thoughts for us this year at GMIC’s annual VIP Dinner. The interview was conducted by Barrett Parkman, VP of GWC, who had a variety of targeted questions for Mr. McCue.

Believing that every small move one makes establishes the “DNA” of a company,  Mr. McCue spoke on a number of subjects about the nature of his company’s value and growth prospects, especially as they continue their expansion into the Middle Kingdom. Describing his company’s entrance into China as “humble,” he now intends to establish their brand on a grander scale.

Though he conceded that there were many competitors on the market, he was confident in his company’s ability to overcome any potential hurdles, despite the amount of Flipboard clones available.

By focusing on creating rich, curated content that synthesizes and brings information together in one seamless and beautiful application, Flipboard will become the main player on the market, contended Mr. McCue. With about 40% of their market overseas, and already half of that 40% coming from China, he felt that “more than any other market in the world,” China was “absolutely critical” to his company.

Mr. McCue hinted that they would be establishing an office soon in China. For those excited to see what is next for the company, Mr. McCue says Flipboard plans to expand to Android within the next few months and promised some “new features and designs” catered to China’s market.

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