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UMeng Releases New Version of Analytics Toolset

UMengAt present, and in China particularly, the competition for mobile app market share is arguably the fiercest in the world. The value of having alternate methods to monetize and market is therefore invaluable for developers.

With the release of its newest software version, and as the leading solution for mobile app developers, the Beijing-based app UMeng fills this gap by providing a slew of analytical tools to monitor customer behavior across all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

As the mobile app market gains more traction in China, “UMeng Analytics 2.0” now sports four new application updates that will surely be advantageous for clients.  According to CEO Jiang Fan, “Umeng Analytics 2.0 provides even more all round data analysis for app developers. This newly improved Umeng Analytics 2.0 delivers detailed, diverse and in-depth app usage data and increases consumer engagement.”

The features include:

Consumer Retention Analysis – This feature tracks how and when users are lost, this feature gives developers access to user retention rates and the performance of different app versions and distribution channels.

App Channel Distribution Analysis – Through the use of device information, location, and activation rates in App stores, developers can use this feature to track the amount of downloads from the stores, as well as the quality of the users.

Figure – A sample retention rate table showing loyalty of customers over time. 

Event Based Analysis – This analysis keeps track of all  actions in the application for the user, helping developers customize and assess all of their actions.

Funnel Analysis Every step of the purchasing process can run into issues, and this new tool allows developers to keep track of the step where customers most often drop from the process. This allows developers to assess more accurately their conversion rates and to streamline the process.

Founded in 2010, UMeng is backed by  more than $10 million from Matrix Partners and Innovation Works. They currently work with over 40,000 apps across iOS, Android, and Windows 7 platforms.


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