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Millionaire Snatches Luxury Phone at KTV


Vertu Apparently the appeal of an expensive mobile phone can be too enticing even for some of China’s millionaires, as a report from Xinhua reveals today.  In the report, it is said that Huang Mou, a 29-year-old millionaire managing an auto parts manufacturer in Rui’an, stole a luxury phone at a local karaoke venue late on the night of April 27th in Wenzhou, China, a city near Shanghai most well-known internationally for a train crash that took place last year.

In the report, Huang and his wife were described as an affluent couple who drove a BMW and a Mercedes, owned real estate and investments in the area, and had a collective value of approximately $1.6 million (10 million RMB).

On the night of April the 27th, Huang Mou was invited by a friend to a local karaoke (KTV) along with about 20 other people. While sitting on the sofa, Huang noticed a phone on the cushion next to him, and after making sure that no one was looking, he quietly pocketed the device and turned it off.

The following day, the owner reported the loss and the police investigated, quickly targeting Huang as the suspect. After detaining him on the afternoon of the 28th, he confessed to the crime. According to the report, he had stolen a Nokia VERTU, which the owner had purchased six months previously in Macau for a price of 170,000 HKD, or approximately $21,800.

Luxury goods have steadily gained popularity in recent years as newly affluent Chinese have tried to distinguish themselves from the rest of society. The allure of these goods is not only an economic trend, but a societal and cultural trend, as the newer generation works to gain more recognition and face. Still, maybe karaoke is not the best place to start.

Source: Sina Tech 


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