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Baidu Steadily Gaining More Market Share, Report Shows

Baidu and Google

While Google continues its efforts to expand in the tough Chinese Internet environment, Baidu appears to be steadily cutting away more market share from the Mountain View-based giant. According to data from iResearch, Baidu’s market share grew to 77.6%, a total 0.3% increase, while Sogou gained another 0.2%, bringing it to 2.7% market share.

The report claims that large advertising growth was behind Baidu’s gains. Though Google still retains a significant proportion of marketshare at 17.8%, this 0.5% decrease in one quarter does not bode well for the rest of this year’s results. This has been a common trend since Google moved its operations to Hong Kong in late March 2010 and as it notoriously continues to have issues with China over regulation of its services and content.

Source: Sina Tech

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