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How to Avoid Failure in China: GMIC Welcome Dinner Will Discuss How to Successfully Run a Startup

Welcome Dinner, VIP

Despite the potential goldmine that foreign tech firms see in the Chinese net-space, the age-old story has been that foreign companies fail time and time again. If the fall of some of the largest tech firms (ie. Google, Facebook, and Twitter) is not a significant deterrent to hopeful startups, the labyrinth that is government oversight, protection, and licensing is often seen as the final nail in the coffin.

This trend is challenged, however, by a handful (or more) of successful examples particularly in the mobile app market, including such names as Flipboard, Rovio, Tapjoy, and InMobi, all of which will be represented at this year’s exclusive GMIC VIP Dinner on May 9th. Moderated by Fritz Demopolous, Founder of Qunar and veteran of China’s Internet market, the discussion will be both thoughtful and provocative as experts exchange their experiences.

China is set to be the world’s largest smartphone market this year, according to recent findings from IDC. This puts significant pressure on foreign developers to reach for some market share before its all snatched away by Chinese counterparts already brutally competing in a variety of market sectors (including online video).

It should prove to be a lively talk between professionals with extensive experience. At the dinner, expect to hear Luo Chuan’s story about MySpace’s mistakes and the challenges of running a mobile app business in China. More details about the dinner can be found here.

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