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Michael Song of Sky-Mobi to Talk About the Overseas Expansion of China’s Mobile Internet Market

SkyMobi, Michael Song

You cannot talk about mobile Internet software in China without hearing mention of Sky-Mobi, the Hangzhou-based powerhouse that was the first mobile Internet company to list on the NASDAQ. With over 2 billion cumulative app downloads and a customer base that is the envy of all other players in the Chinese mobile Internet space. With more than a thousand employees and 400 million customers in China and 10 million abroad, SKY is a force to be reckoned with.

At GMIC we expect to hear Song discuss his company’s expansion overseas and the type of success firms have seen thus far. The discussion will also delve into questions related to the timeframe for innovation in China. When, for example, will China build the next Google or Apple? What does it take to adapt Chinese business models to the world?

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