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China Mobile to Set Up China’s Largest Wi-Fi Network in Qingdao

China Mobile Qingdao

While a variety of other countries have already introduced the concept of the “wireless city,” China has so far had little opportunity to follow suit. China Mobile intends to change this by expanding its pilot program this year in Shandong Province.  Insider sources at China Mobile told Sina that the company plans to build a comprehensive wireless network in Qingdao, expanding its already impressive wireless services in the area.

The plans call for 6 million access points to be installed throughout the city in the next 3 years. China Mobile’s Qingdao network already boasts 75,000 access points that cover more than 15,000 buildings across the city. In 2012, the company hopes to speed up the process of installation and claims that it will add 1.2 million new APs.

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