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Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard, to Describe at GMIC the Experience of Entering China’s Market

Mike McCue, Apple, iPad, Social magazine, GMIC

As GMIC rapidly approaches, we’re taking a look at Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard , the first social magazine application for Apple products.

Widely regarded as an all-in-one platform for social media news, Flipboard allows users to quickly “flip” through information created by friends, family, and prioritized media sources. This allows users to more efficiently consolidate their news into one clean and comfortable magazine format. It notably received the “iPad App of the Year” award, and is regarded even by “The Economist” as a direct competitor to print media.

Flipboard continues to face an uphill battle since service launched late last year for Weibo and Renren. Mike will likely speak about the challenges and rewards of launching the application in China. As the company works to enter the highly competitive and copy-prone Chinese market, there will be many exciting obstacles to overcome and achievements to celebrate.

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