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CEO of Kogan Technologies Talks Startups At GMIC2012

Ruslan Kogan, Australia, Technology, GMIC

What sets Ruslan Kogan apart from the rest of GMIC 2012‘s speakers? Perhaps it is the raw grassroots basis of his entrepreneurship, which began in his parent’s garage with no funding or capital back in 2006. As an entrepreneurial spirit and as the only businessman of his kind in Australia, he has an impressive passion for affordable technology, believing that it can truly change the world.

Since its founding, Kogan Technologies has built itself up to become one of Australia’s most beloved electronics enterprises, priding itself on its direct manufacturer-to-customer model. Kogan Technologies also became an international company with the launch of its UK branch in 2010.

With sales at a record $150m+ in 2011-2012, company growth shows no signs of abating. Kogan is now aiming high with a focus on developing a global brand that will continue to make technology more affordable and accessible.

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