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Robin Li, CEO Of Baidu, To Attend G20 At GMIC

Robin Li, Baidu, G20, GMIC

Though he will not be a keynote speaker, Baidu’s Robin Li will be attending G20, an invitation-only event on May the 10th during GMIC 2012.  As China’s wealthiest man, co-founder and CEO of Baidu, it is anticipated that Robin intends to meet with some of his counterparts in the internet industry, including Tencent’s Pony Ma and Sina’s Charles Chao. During this strictly closed-session event, they will be given a chance to exchange their ideas in an off-the-record environment. This will be an opportunity for them to speak at length to each other and to gain an understanding of their mutual challenges, plans, and concerns relating to the internet industry.

Robin Li is one of China’s star entrepreneurs who, after patenting his own search engine algorithm in 1996, started Baidu in 2000 when the internet began to pick up speed in China. Already achieving 80% market share for the search engine market in China, Baidu is now looking to expand its offerings to the mobile market in China.

The G20 Summit is an invitation event organized exclusively for only the most senior executives in the mobile Internet industry. It is an off-the-record event, as its intent is to provide a comfortable environment for thought without press interference.

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