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Apple’s iPhone Predicted to Launch in October

iPhone 5, Mobile

The latest iPhone 5 predictions point to a setback in the supply chain that will likely see its release in October this year rather than an August launch as previously predicted. In an interview recently conducted by Bloomberg, Piper Jeffray’s analyst Gene Munster released his latest predictions for Apple’s new model based on Qualcomm’s recent admittance that it cannot meet demand for components. Gene expects Qualcomm to be the supplier of faster radio chips that will be a crucial feature in Apple’s highly anticipated new hardware release.

This development is of great significance for Apple’s competitors here in China, as it presents a window of opportunity for them to gain more marketshare before the new launch.

Considering the relatively recent success of such players as Xiaomi and the soon-to-be announced successor to Samsung’s “Galaxy” line-up, Apple will be facing strong competition in the Chinese mobile market, especially as the latest report from Sina indicates that the Chinese mobile users recently surpassed the 1.3 billion mark.

While Apple has made significant inroads in China and indeed worldwide, there is reason to believe that its influence may take a hit in the next year as the market begins to saturate with the availability of alternatives. Some analysts appear to be expecting a correction to take place later this year. According to a recent report by Keith Bachman at BMO Capital Markets, who believes there is a disconnect between the benefits seen by Apple’s shareholders and the relative paucity of advantages for service providers or other OEM partners. He predicts rather ominously that this will “not continue for perpetuity.”

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