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New Samsung Phone to Be Announced in May

Galaxy S III, Cloud Computing, Samsung

Competition for the mobile market continues to heat up as Samsung moves to introduce its new line-up for this year’s new smartphone generation. On May 3rd, Samsung’s widely anticipated update to its flagship model is scheduled to be displayed during a press conference in London. There are even rumors that Samsung will be launching its very own cloud computing service for this new model, complete with multimedia content that will compete directly with Apple’s iCloud service (Sina Tech). 

Given Samsung’s penchant for speculation and hype, they have launched a countdown website that appears to be related to these developments. The website’s rather unassuming title – “A Whole New Universe” – is a not-so-subtle reference to their Galaxy line-up, indicating that this is likely to be the content.

Though it is still uncertain what information will be released before the press conference this year, it is almost certain that there will at least be a teaser description of the new phone displayed before the event sometime within the next few hours. This follows what happened last year in January before the release of the Galaxy S II, when they released a teaser video before the official February 2011 announcement.

What does this mean for the competition?

With the rapid growth of cloud technology in recent years, an entrance into the mobile market in this field is very strategic for Samsung. There are rumors that it plans to partner with Microsoft to provide worldwide service for any potential “S-Cloud” infrastructure, and that this may include as much as 5GB of storage space, a feature aligned with the default offering of Apple’s iCloud.

Given the already existing 100 million users on Apple’s service, Samsung will be fighting an uphill battle to remain competitive with its rival. It will be important for Samsung to bring something new and different to the table in order to catch up with existing technology. Still, all this and more will have to wait until the May 3rd press release.

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