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Narry Singh, Executive Chairman of Outfit7: Meet our Talking Friends


With so many great speakers coming to the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012, we decided to keep things rolling here at mobiSights and zoom in on Narry Singh, Executive Chairman of Outfit7.

Mobile apps startup Outfit7 launched its first Talking Friend, Talking Tom (an interactive 3D cat that responds to touches and repeats what you), in June 2010.  It became an instant worldwide hit. Now in 2012, with a diversity of Talking Friends, over 360 million downloads, 100 million active users and an average of 1 million downloads a day, Outfit7 is on fire.

And as the Talking Friends conquer the hearts of more people every day, the idea that Outfit7, like Rovio, will transition into an entertainment brand becomes more and more likely. We might even start to think that entertainment brands evolving out of the mobile industry is not a phenomenon but natural next step for mobile app successes.


With nearly 2 decades of experience as an entrepreneur, advisor, and general manager, having lead global teams in more than 30 countries, and having built multiple businesses up to $20 billion, Narry is a speaker that can share great insights about how to grow a company successfully,  the Asian tech industry, as well as where Outfit7 is heading. Which insights he will share with us at GMIC is a surprise, but one thing is sure: it’s going to be great!

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