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Shainiel Deo, CEO Of Halfbrick: Learning From The Ninja


To finish out the week we are going to take a look at Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick Studios, another one of the speakers at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in May.

Halfbrick Studios is the developer of the global sensation FruitNinja, a mobile game that helped redefine touch screen interaction.  By the third month of its initial release Fruit Ninja had sold over a million copies.  Shainiel spoke with us previously and shared some of its secrets behind the success of the fruit slicing mania at one of GWC’s mobiTalk events.

The Australian Halfbrick Studios was founded by Shainiel Deo back in 2000. After having developed games for various platforms such as the Game Boy Advance, Xbox, and Playstation they are now on expanding their reach to the downloadable platforms iOS and Android. Next to FruitNinja, one of their recent titles you might know (and a personal favorite) is Jetpack Joyride.


As Halfbrick Studios is one of the 5 top sponsors of the GMIC, expect them to be all over the place.  One of the exciting things they will be doing if you are a developer is a half day devDay workshop from the ninjas themselves at the appSpace developer track.

Undoubtedly, Shainiel will share more about the success of FruitNinja with us, especially in regards to China.  Depending on how development goes, we may be hearing about some new games that will be coming out of their laboratories and where their hate for fruit will take them next.

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