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Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote: Extra Memory For The Human Brain


Continuing our look at the speakers for Global Mobile Internet Conference 2012, today we’re going to look at one of our international speakers, Phil Libin.  Phil is the CEO of Evernote, the internet sensation built around helping its users remember things.  But don’t be fooled by that simple explanation, Evernote is more than a mere task list application.  It helps its users keep track of and remember practically everything they want.  It short, Evernote makes a decent stab at becoming a virtual brain.

Evernote itself is a powerful piece of software which is integrated into many platforms – even my Sony Vaio Z13 came with Evernote integrated into it.  As powerful as it may be, it’s user interface is fairly simple to use.  Users have been known to become so integrated into the software that they cannot think of living without it.

Phil, himself, is an entrepreneur and executive who has led two Internet companies from the very beginning to proven commercial success, and helped three others through rapid growth.  Prior to joining Evernote, Phil founded and served as president of CoreStreet, currently one of the top companies providing smart credential and identity management technologies to governments and large corporations throughout the world. CoreStreet was aquired by ActivIdentity (ACTI) in 2009.

Previously, Phil was founder and CEO of Engine 5, a leading Boston-based Internet software development company acquired by Vignette Corporation (VIGN) in 2000, where he went on to serve as principal architect and chief technologist for applications.


Phil’s presence at GMIC2012 will mark the official entry of Evernote into the Chinese market.  Evernote already has quite a presence in China, but a full scale operation targeted at China’s citizen’s promises to be quite lucrative to the Evernote team.

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