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Over 20 Industry Leaders Debate Future of Mobile Internet At GWC Dinner

Mobile World Congress Dinner

This past Tuesday, GWC held a special “Monday Dinner” on Tuesday night in Barcelona.  GWC “Monday Dinners” and other closed events have started to gain a little notoriety as the events where strategic business deals are first conceived.  This event apparently showed the possibility of following suit.  GWC CEO, Wen Chu, was quoted as saying “the energy in the room tonight was as unparrelled as the quality of industry leaders in the room.  I’ve never been apart of a round table focused on Mobile Internet that was so exciting.”

List Of Attendees

  • ZHAO Hongfei:  President & CEO, ThunderSoft
  • Linda LIU Yan:  Global BD & Dev. Community Director,  NetQin
  • Linda Jiang:  VP, Umeng
  • Abhay Singhal:  Co-founder, InMobi (Speaker)
  • Paul Graham:  Worldwide Business Development Manager Kindle, Amazon
  • Christopher Kassulke:  CEO, Handy Games
  • Antonio Tomarchio:  CEO, Beintoo
  • Troy Malone:  GM of Asia, Evernote
  • Ted Matsumoto:  Advisor, Former EVP, Softbank
  • Kariya Kayamori:  SVP, Softbank
  • Taisuke Fukuno:  CEO,
  • Akihito Moriya:  VP Global Alliances, DeNA
  • Chua Zi Yong:  CEO, Stream Media
  • Elizabeth Kerton:  President, Telecom Council of Silicon Valley
  • Jason He:  Sr. Investment Director, Tencent
  • WANG Haila:  CEO of China, Orange
  • Shobhit Shukla:  Head of BD Strategy & Ops, Asia Pacific,  InMobi
  • Wen Chu:  CEO, GWC
  • BO Yiqun:President, GWC China
  • David Song:President, Global Mobile Internet Conference
  • Barrett Parkman:Vice President, International Marketing & Growth
  • David Cao:  Country Head, GWC USA

Topic Discussed

Carriers – They are the IBM of the PC era.  They are moving too slow to adapt to the change from voice/SMS communication to data.  Ultimately, they aren’t in too much of dire situation because they control the pipe, but they are losing out on money they could be making now if they could only move and adapt faster.

4G – There was serious debate over 4G implementation.  Was 4G worth it to consumers, especially outside the United States?  The general feeling was the jump from 2G to 3G was significant enough for people to pay for.  4G though may be overkill for most people. Apps don’t demand those types of speeds currently.  The only thing that really needs 4G level speeds is steaming media like video.  The problem here is that most carriers are charging based on usage rather than a flat fee, so even if the customer had 4G level speeds, would they be willing to use up half their data alotment for the month just to watch a movie?  These are issues the carriers need to really start thinking about before they cripple the industry.

Freemium –  The hot way of monetizing right now, especially in gaming, but it will be replaced again by paid.  This idea comes from the idea that the market is cyclical and as games get more advanced and require more resources to develop, customers will be willing to pay for their games again.

Amazon Kindle Fire – Want to have every book ever written available within 60 seconds.  The Kindle platform is still very young, but has changed the industry in its own ways.  Amazon itself would love for everyone to have a Kindle, but they are just as happy if people are reading their books from iPads or other devices.  Kindle in China?  No plans yet.  They are currently content with trying to saturate the U.S. market.

Evernote – China made Evernote enter its market.  So many people in China were already using their product, they couldn’t afford not to begin to make plans to set up shop.  Expect an official announcement of their plans in China at GMIC2012 this year.


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