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Hola, Barcelona! mobiSights and GWC Head To The Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

GSMA’s Mobile World Congress begins in one week and mobiSights along with the GWC team will be in Barcelona to take in all the announcements, demos, and fanfare.   The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is easily one of the largest mobile industry conferences in the world. Many of the product announcements for the coming year are made at MWC, so it has come to be the platform for setting the industry’s flow for the western world.

We’re all extremely excited about leaving smoggy Beijing for sunny (hopefully) España!

So who is going from GWC?  Well, practically everyone.   Here’s a list of some of those that are packing their sandals.

  • Wen Chu – CEO, GWC
  • BO Yiqun – President, GWC China
  • David Song – President, Global Mobile Internet Conference
  • Barrett Parkman – Vice President, International Marketing & Growth
  • Pang Di – Country Head, GWC Japan
  • David Cao – Country Head, GWC USA

In addition to participating at conference itself, GWC is hosting several events during the week focusing on doing business in China.  One invitation-only event/dinner in cooperation China Unicom and Telefonica will be held on the evening of the 28th.  Perhaps we’ll see some business deals come out of this even like we’ve seen in prior events — you never know!

If you’re going to be in Barcelona and would like to meet up with the GWC team or inquire about attending one of the events, please feel free to email Barrett Parkman at “barrett at” at any time.

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