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ChinaBang’s LaunchPad Competition Blasts Off To Finland

On the second day of the CHINABANG event hosted by Technode, 12 mobile internet industry related innovations were selected to present their products to a panel of international tech leaders. Most of these products were incorporated with location-based service, as well as social networking functions.

The winner for the first CHINABANG – LaunchPad competition was (途客圈), a startup under the Innovation Works incubator program. is an App that marks out the routes to each attractions, allowing tourists to plan their itineraries efficiently. The App also includes sharing and planning options with friends, as well as recording of travel memos to enhance their travelling experiences.

The winning team was awarded a trip to Finland sponsored by Rovio, a cash prize of 10000RMB by Silicon Valley Bank, as well as one year of server services worth approximately 10000RMB by ChinaNetCloud. When asked what the next step for would be, the group answered that they will continue to improve on the app for the time being and update the contents on Finland as well.

Mugeda, an online flash software, took the second place. Mugeda enables users to create flash animations on the go without requiring them to download the software. Third place went to Smart Album (智能相册).  Smart Album is a mobile phone app that allows users to organize their photos based on different facial features. In addition, interaction between friends can be accomplished easily by selecting faces in the photo while browsing through the gallery. Both the second and third places were awarded a cash prize of 5000RMB each by Silicon Valley Bank, and 6-month server service provided by ChinaNetCloud.

Besides the 12 selected innovations, Walnut, the mobile game creator of “Final Fury” (枪火战线) won a trip to Japan sponsored by Infinity Venture Partners.

As more people vie for a share of the mobile internet industry’s pie, only creativity and the unique X-factor will distinguish your product from the sea of apps. Quoting Ma Hua Teng (better known as Pony Ma to Westerns), CEO of Tencent, “Entrepreneurship in China is different from many countries, the same type of innovations or ideas may bloom overnight, and it forces domestic entrepreneurs to face the harsh reality of intense competition.”

Last but not least, congratulations to all winning teams.  We’re looking forward to discovering more ‘technopreneurial ‘ innovations that will take the Chinese mobile industry by storm!

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