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Social Learning Platform,Teamie, Conquers Startup Arena Competition

Penn-Olson announced today that Teamie has won this year’s Startups in Asia Singapore Startup Arena competition.  Teamie, a social learning platform, will take home the grand prize (US $10,000) as well as Lenovo E220s laptops, Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones, a SkySQL premium subscription package, and a Kindle Fire with $1,200 of credit.

The Startup Arena competition, part of Penn Olson’s two-day Startups in Asia Singapore conference, was judged by Ash Singh (CEO at InteractiveSG, investor at Angel’s Gate), Daniel Saito (co-founder and director at SkySQL, angel investor), Eric Koh (CTO at Jobscentral, partner at Iconic Ventures), and James Tan (co-founder of 55tuan, managing partner at QuestVC).

A handpicked group of nineteen startups were each given a chance to make their pitches to the judges and an audience of investors and other conference attendees over the two-day event.

Second place finishers Innova Tech (a loss-prevention service) were awarded Lenovo E420 laptops, Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones, a SkySQL premium package, and a Kindle Fire with $800 credits. Third place finishers Start Now (a volunteer community platform social enterprise) also won E420 laptops and a Kindle Fire with $600 worth of credit.

Fourth and fifth place finishers Waffle (a social Wi-Fi service) and Piktochart (a service that creates infographics out of data) also got Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones.

I think Startup Arena was a great success, and it has once again proven that Asia doesn’t lack for excellent tech startups. I thought all nineteen of the startups gave excellent pitches, and beyond the prizes, I think this event has helped raise their profiles and has given them some great exposure in the investor and startup communities. We’ll continue to follow them on Penn Olson going forward, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. – Willis Wee, Founder of Penn Olson

The nineteen startups chosen to compete in Startup Arena are as follows: Piktochart (from MY), Mockups (SG), Dr.Pad (TW), Flocations (SG), Phroni (JP), Teamie (SG), Panoplaza (JP), Vibease (SG), CloudyRec (SG), Waffle (KR), Gspot (SG), SecQMe (MY), Gushcloud (SG), Justaple (TW), Innova Tech (SG), Sakebii (JP), Spelldial (PH), Start Now (SG), and Acheevit (SG).

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