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Sina & Qihoo vs. Tencent: Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Well, it looks like Sina (Nasdaq: SINA) and Qihoo 360 (Nasdaq: QIHU) are joining forces.  The micro-blogging giant (Sina) and the internet security software developer (Qihoo 360) have just penned a rather interesting deal.

Under the arrangement, Sina and Qihoo 360 accounts will merge into one allowing customers to log into either using a single user ID and password.  Further, Sina and Qihoo 360 will colaborate on the developing integrating Sina Weibo with 360 Desktop, 360 Safe Browser, and 360 Desktop Message Center.  In return, Qihoo 360 will provide Sina with increased protection for its users through the implimentation of 3rd party URL filters on Weibo.

The next step in the partnership will entail bringing that same sort of security to Sina’s wireless applications.

Merging accounts is a long-term relationship move, without a doubt.  Obviously, Sina is looking to diversify its “Sina Weibo experience” portfolio to counter its biggest rival, Tencent.  Tencent is pratically an online conglomerate with massive resources and its hands in just about every virtual market on the Chinese net.

Qihoo 360 has no love for Tencent, either.  The two companies famously battled it out publicly – even going so far by deeming each other’s software as malware.

In other words, this could get messy again.  Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of virtual war.


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