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Bring Us Your Best, Your Brightest And Let Us Give Them A Voice


We are accepting speaker suggestions and applications for this year’s GMIC 2012, which will be held on May 10th-11th in Beijing.  The conference will consist of three stages: the Executive main stage, Appspace developer stage and the G-Startup stage.  The exclusive content offered through these three tracks cover the full spectrum of the mobile ecosystem.

Previous speakers include: Sina CEO, Gree CEO, Lenovo CEO, Rovio CEO, Kaifu Li, Lei Jun, Google China CEO, Tencent EVP, Skype Founder, DeNA COO, Motorola VP, Nokia VP, Dave McClure, Softbank EVP

Previous media coverage includes: Techcrunch, CNN, CCTV, PC Magazine, Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, Venturebeat, ReadWriteWeb

Mobile Internet Ethics

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Data security and Privacy
  • Copycats and Clones

Mobile Internet Impact

  • Charities and Good Causes
  • Women in Mobile
  • Education
  • Cultural Impact of Weibo and Twitter

Mobile Advertising and Monetization

  • Ad Networks
  • Virtual Good Sales
  • Freemium Is The Future?
  • Alternative Business Models

Future of Mobile

  • Next Generation (4G/LTE)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Apps for Business
  • Internet of Things (M2M)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

App Distribution 

  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone, RIM
  • HTML5
  • Independent App Stores
  • Carrier Involvement
  • Handsets


  • How To Target Developing World? (SMS, Feature phones)
  • How Can Foreign Companies Be Successful in China?
  • How Can Chinese Companies Grow Globally?
  • Should Your Startup Go Global Or Stay Local

Entrepreneurship and Startups

  • Getting Funded
  • Idea Generation
  • User Acquisition
  • Revenue Models
  • Team Motivation


  • Games
  • Mobile Audio
  • Mobile Animation

E-commerce goes to Mobile

  • Social Local Mobile Commerce (SOLOMOCO)
  • Mobile Payment (NFC etc.)
  • Online to Offline


  • Chinese IPOs
  • VIE Structures
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Investing and Incubators

About GMIC 

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is Asia’s largest and most elite mobile Internet conference. It is specifically designed for mobile Internet leaders to connect with each other, to learn from top industry influencers, and to promote their initiatives.  Join over 5,000 industry leaders to learn the necessary trends and best practices to succeed in the Chinese mobile internet industry.


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