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Tencent Launches Google….Opps, We Mean SOSO Street View Maps Using Images From 2008

Today, Tecent launched its street view addon to its maps section of its SOSO search engine.  Behind Baidu, SOSO is the second largest search engine by usage in China.  As you can see, the interface looks surprisingly similar to its forerunner counterpart implemented by Google and used in the United States.  But hey, it’s China, copycatting is par for the course.

The head scratcher comes from the fact that the street view images seem to date back to 2008 or earlier.  The image pulled below shows Sanlitun…before it was built.  Construction was completed and the retail space opened in July 2008.   That means these images are from roughly 5 years ago.  It’s good to see they were playing with this technology that long ago, but it’s strange they didn’t update the images for the launch — especially in the expatriate heavy east side of Beijing where the outside world is most likely to want cruise around.

I’ve included an image of my campus apartment from Georgia Tech that I lived in 10 years ago to compliment the timeline flashback that Tencent is inspiring today.

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January 13, 2012 – SOSO Street View Function

Sanlitun, Beijing, China (Circa 2008?)

January 13, 2012 – Google Street View Function

8th Street Apartments, Georgia Tech Campus, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 


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