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Mobile Oracle 2012: We Want Your Predictions!

We want to compile a list of predictions for 2012 about the mobile industry.  We are currently gathering predictions from our members as well as leaders of the industry itself, but we thought, “Why not get our readers involved, too?”   So, here is your chance to become a “consultant” and let us and the world know what you think is coming in 2012 (besides the possible end of the world).

A couple of examples:

Consumers in 2012 will equally be comfortable using mobile for search and discovery as they do the Internet. In parallel, we’ll continue to see a blossoming of new applications and services that are uniquely suited to mobile devices. Mobile commerce-related services will surpass entertainment and time-wasting services.
Fritz Demopoulos, Founder and Managing Director, Queen’s Road Capital

My prediction is that tablet-like devices become ubiquitous—like cell phones are today. That these devices become the method for communicating, educating, and transacting sales.  Cell phones will be built into these devices. This will open up big possibilities for educating the masses all over the world. Knowledge will flow freely across the world.
Vivek Wadhwa, Vice President of Academics and Innovation, Singularity University

Here are the basic requirements:

  1. A single prediction about what the the mobile industry will experience in 2012.
  2. The prediction should be no more than 2 sentences – 3 tops.
  3.  Be sure to include your name, position, and company so we can give proper credit.
Now that you know what we want:
  1. Think.
  2. Plot.
  3. Dream.
  4. Rationalize.
  5. Leave a comment at OR email us at
  6. Do Steps 1-5 before December 22nd.
  7. Stay tuned to for the post dedicated to your voice!

We will pick the best/most interesting predictions to appear in a dedicated post.  If it is really insightful, we may include you in our member report.  By the way, be sure to “Like” our mobiSights Facebook page for extra karma points. :)

Anywho, have fun with it!

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