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DeNA and Alibaba Announce Deal After Talks During GMIC Roadshow: USA

GWC took several of China’s top tech on a business relations trip this past November.  Two of the men on this trip were DeNA China CEO, Wang Yong, and Alibaba CTO, Wang Jian (Wang Jian serves as the defacto leader Alibaba’s Aliyun mobile OS).

A month later the two companies have announced a new partnership.

The agreement will bring DeNA’s game software to Aliyun phones begining next year.  Mobage, the name for DeNA’s platform, will come preloaded on Aliyun based phones begining with the K-touch W800 (manufactured by Tianyu).  Additionally, DeNA has agreed to provide local game producers SDKs for the platform.

This announce comes on the heels of not only the GWC trip, but also the announcement by Alibaba that it would pump $157 million into app development support for the fledgling cloud-based mobile OS.

The deal will bring Alibaba a much needed, quality gaming platform.  In return, DeNA was undoubtedly wooed by the idea of further expanding its reach within China.

DeNA has been expanding rapidly since solidifying its dominance in Japan, and Aliyun provides yet another channel to satisfy its thirst.  Additionally, they gain the support of Jack Ma’s internet giant as a partner — which is never a bad thing if China’s consumers are on your radar.

For more specifics, the official press release can be found here.

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