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SpeakingPal: What has the GMIC G-Startup Contender been up to lately?


We last saw SpeakingPal at the G-Startup competition at GMIC 2011. They were picked as semi-finalists for their English language teaching app.  Eyal Eshed, CEO of SpeakingPal, traveled to Beijing to pitch at the conference where they preformed quite well against the competition.  There app provided an innovative mobile education solution for improving English speaking skills – something heavily sought after throughout Asia.

The ensuing year has been a whirlwind of activity for them.  Originally a partner, ETS (Educational Testing Services), creator of TOEFL and TOEIC brands, ETS is now a partial owner of SpeakingPal.  This shareholder stake in SpeakingPal should prove a major boon for the company in China since the TOEFL is sucha critical test for any Chinese student with aspirations of studying abroad.

Over the summer they produced  some new content, which included quite a few months of intensive video production.  This video work culminated in SpeakingPal’s recent win in the Korean-based SmartContent 2011 Award.  SpeakingPal walked away placing first in the education category.  They also picked up a win at the 2011 International E-Learning Awards, Business Division for Mobile Learning.

Their award-winning product was launched and is now available in the commercial market. It is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at the Chinese app store here and at the US app store here.  You can find SpeakingPal for Android phones and tablets on the Android Market.  An Android TV version should be available soon.

The company has certainly come a long way in less than year and we’re proud to have had them walk out on to the public scene at GMIC.  We hope the guys all the best and continued success — and maybe we’ll have Eyal back at GMIC 2012 to talk to our new batch of contenders about what they will be facing as they attempt to grow their own startups.


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