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GWC and mobiSights Are Hiring!!

Do you want to work for the company behind the largest mobile Internet conference in Asia?  Do you want to rub elbows with some of the most powerful people in the mobile tech industry??  Do you have an opinion of iOS or Android OS that runs deeper than, “Well, the icons are pretty…”???  Do you like coffee (or other caffeinated drinks)????

If you said yes to the majority of those questions, then we probably need to talk.

So let me explain why these questions are pertinent.  GWC runs the Global Mobile Internet Conference every year here in Beijing.  It is currently the Asia’s largest mobile Internet conference, a fact of which we are quite proud of holding.  It attracts some of the biggest names in the biz as well.  This means we are constantly in close contact with the people that shape the mobile Internet industry – and yes, we get to talk, network, and interact with them, not just our CEO.

To be able to do everything we do though, you need to really have a passion for technology – iOS versus Android OS is a good self-examination.  If you have a strong understanding of the two, then you probably are geeky enough for us.

But be prepared!!  We are a startup in most senses of the word, which means that getting the job done often means drinking gallons of the caffeinated drink of your choice.  It’s not always like this, but if you’re the kind that only wants to work in a “9 to 5, same thing ever day” type job, then GWC is probably not the place for you.  But if getting some of the best experience and networking opportunities this side of the Pacific sounds like something worth your time, then you’re probably worth ours.

If you have questions, just shoot us a line!

Current Positions Available:

International Marketing Manager

Blogger/Tech Writer

Social Media and Blogger Intern





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