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NewsWrap: Apple Wins Patent Ruling, DeNA Taps VNG, Apple iReserve, Growth of Incubators and Mentorships in Indonesia, Kindle Fire Possible Sales

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at Apple winning their patent lawsuit with HTC, DeNA tapping VNG for their Mobage platform, Apple’s iReserve in Hong Kong, the possible growth of incubators and mentorships in Indonesia, and the possibility of Amazon stealing 15 percent of the tablet market share from Apple.

Apple Wins in Patent Ruling vs. HTC

“The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that Apple Inc. products don’t infringe on patents held by HTC Corp.’s recently acquired subsidiary S3 Graphics, a setback for the Android handset maker.” HTC was obviously disappointed without he ruling and is reviewing its options on how to proceed. The result of the ruling was 3.9% drop in HTC shares.


DeNA Taps VNG to Bring Games to Mobage

DeNA’s latest push in mobile gaming has been to tap VNG to bring their social games onto the Mobage platform. VNG is one of Vietnam’s largest web companies. DeNA will help support VNG in the production process of new games, with the goal of producing three new games for Mobage in 2012.



Apple’s iReserve

In order to quell iPhone 4S scalpers, Apple has unveiled a system called iReserve. It allows customers to go online and secure an appointment. They then should be able to pick up their iPhone the following day. This method of sale has replaced physically purchasing the 4S in Hong Kong Stores. This will hopefully allow buyers to have advantage over scalpers.



Incubation and Mentorships to Grow in Indonesia

According to an article in the Daily Social the number of incubation and mentorship programs in Indonesia has been growing over the past few months and will only continue to grow in the future. The article states that 2010 saw many investors coming into Indonesia looking for opportunities but were disappointed to find that the market was ready but the startups were not. The year of 2012, the article argues, is going to see a continued increase in the numbers of incubation and mentorship programs helping these startups mature.



Kindle Fire Sales could Reach 12 Million in 2012

According to Citi analyst Mark Mahaney, Kindle Fire sales will allow Amazon to take 15 percent of the tablet market share from Apple and could generate $3.2 billion in revenue.


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