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NewsWrap: US Government Eyeing iOS and Android, Gree/KDDI sue DeNA, the Facebook Phone, iPhone 4S Receives MITT’s Approva, MSN Mall Closes

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we lookat the possible shift away from RIM devices in US government agencies, the lawsuit against DeNA, the new Facebook phone coming into reality, and iPhone 4S receives MITT’s approval, and the closing of the MSN Mall.


US Gov. Agencies Considering a Shift to iOS and Android Devices

Tech companies like Citrix Systems and Juniper Networks have a lot to gain if there was a shift from the American government’s standard of issuing Blackberries in favor of other devices. This shift comes as the government searches for ways to search for ways to secure these devices in response to a workforce that wants an alternative to RIM devices. A shift from RIM could ask companies like Citrix and Juniper to develop software and security to support iOS and Android devices.



GREE and KDDI Sue DeNA for 1 Billion Yen

GREE and KDDI have sued DeNA for pressuring game developers to not build games on GREE’s platform. This has been an issue since June when DeNA was issued a cease and desist order by the Japan Fair Trade Commission. GREE and KDDI are claiming, since December last year, 1 billion yen in damages.



‘Buffy’ the Facebook Phone

Facebook’s interest in moving into hardware looks like it has finally reached reality. Facebook has approached HTC to build a smartphone code-named ‘Buffy,’ that will deeply integrate Facebook services. It will be a heavily modified version of Android and will support HTML5 for applications.



iPhone 4s Receives Network Access License?

It seems like the 4S will finally be making its way into the hands of Chinese apple fans. Rumor has it that the device arrived at MITT and has already been approved. China Unicom is also dropping the 16/32GB iPhone placing the 8GB iPhone 4 as the entry-level device. China Telecom users won’t see the device on their carrier till early spring.



MSN Mall Closes, but Will Return?

Microsoft has closed down its B2C site for restructuring. The website, which has been in operation since 2009 with local brand YoBrand, sold mainly women’s fashion items. It shows how intense the e-commerce market is in China that MSN Mall couldn’t face the competition. We’ll see just have to wait and see what the next reiteration of MSN Mall is.


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