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NewsWrap: Android Phones are 58% of China Market, SOPA Opposition, Baidu Map, Viadeo’s China Strategy, Apple Announces New Chairman

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at the growth of Android phones in China, the Internet giants opposition to SOPA in the US, Baidu Map’s new satellite feature, Viadeo’s China strategy with Tianji, and Apples new chairman and board member.


Android Phones Account for 58% of China’s Smartphone Market

The growth of Android phones in the market has come at the cost of others. Symbian’s market share fell from 48 percent in the first quarter of this year to 23 percent. This can be attributed to several things: new android devices were released this quarter, HTC and Samsung have solidified their sales networks and distribution channels and the low price of the devices.



Internet Giants Sign Letter Opposing SOPA

eBay, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga have all signed a letter opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Those opposing the act say it “pose[s] a serious risk to our industry’s continued track record of innovation and job creation, as well as to our nation’s cybersecurity.” SOPA, passed, could cause serious legal issues for websites like YouTube who as of now are not liable for copyright infringement as long as they pull the offending content down as soon as they are notified.



Baidu Map Releases Satellite View

The satellite view is only available in China but Baidu Map now covers all the bases having map, satellite and 3D features. The comparison photos posted on Technode do make it look like the Baidu Map Satellite view is a little clearer than Google Map’s. However, as they also point out, Baidu Map doesn’t have a street view and likely won’t for a while.



Viadeo’s China Strategy

“China is our main focus,” said Dan Serfaty to The Next Web. “The growth of professional social networks here is similar to how it was developing in Western markets four or five years ago.” Their goal is to keep Tianji local, maintaining a mostly Chinese staff, and separated from the rest of the Viadeo network. Tianji has seen phenomenal growth, 380,000 new sign-ups in October. They estimate that its user base could reach 35 million by 2013.



Apple’s New Chairman and Board Member

Apple has appointed Arthur D. Levinson who has been on the board for over ten years and is also chairmen of the biotech company Genentech. Levinson resigned from the board of Google in 2009 after Eric Schmidt left the board of Apple in an alleged show of solidarity with Apple. Apple has also brought on Disney CEO Bob Iger as a new board member.


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